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The venue for the Judo in 2020 Olympics is the Nippon Budokan. It originally built for the 1964 games where judo made it first appearance the Olympics.


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Judo Fun Fact:

300px-Judo_pictogram.svg kanji_judo_by_kungfufrogmma-d7zaxwb 1200px-Nippon_Budokan_2010 Easter

Christmas 2017 – Abbey Senior School



Group 1:

GOLD – Hattie Mason (St Johns the Evangelist)

SILVER – Maise Richards (St Johns the Evangelist)

BRONZE – Olivia Keates (Theale)


Group 2:

GOLD – Will Foster (Streatley)

SILVER – Milo Knox (Sonning Common)

BRONZE – Archie McClelland (Streatley)


Group 3:

GOLD – Julia Slowinska (Battle)

SILVER - Mia Tilsley (Pangbourne)

BRONZE – Keira Tilsley (Pangbourne)


Group 4:

GOLD – Joe Richards (St Nic’s Junior)

SILVER – Peter Harley (Woodcote)

BRONZE – Noah Hall (Woodcote)


Group 5:

GOLD – Daisy Ackrell (St Peters Marlow)

SILVER – Reece Tilsley (Pangbourne)

BRONZE – Corrin McAuslin (Woodcote)


Group 6:

GOLD – Ethan Jamieson (Birch Copse)

SILVER – Rujul Nayak (St Edwards Prep)

BRONZE – Marcel Dezon (Birch Copse)


Group 7:

GOLD – Isabella Woods (Polehampton Juniors)

SILVER – Oliver Li (Birch Copse)

BRONZE – Davi Da Silva (Micklands)


Group 8:

GOLD – Fabian Hancox (Holybrook)

SILVER – Elliot Lawrence (Crowmarsh Gifford)

BRONZE – Drew Doolan (Foxes Piece)


Group 9:

GOLD – Cai Davies (Streatley)

SILVER – Sam Redman (Theale 2)

BRONZE – Kieran King (Knowl Hill)