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Iinkai October half term Course

Mon 22      10:30-3:30

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The venue for the Judo in 2020 Olympics is the Nippon Budokan. It originally built for the 1964 games where judo made it first appearance the Olympics.

Iinkai ChristmasTraining Day & Competition

   Sunday 25th Nov



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Easter Course 2018


We held our Easter course at the Abbey senior school this year from the 3rd to the 6th April. With lots of excited and energetic children attending each course, each day was split into 5 sessions. Two judo sessions in the morning, games and team bonding, matches, and a recap in the afternoon. The most pleasing part of the course was that the techniques which we had looked at during the morning sessions were taken into the matches.

On day one the children looked at koshi waza and te waza techniques. Added to this was a friendly part of hip fighting, wear the children were only allowed to use koshi waza.


In the matches section later on in the day, there was a great match between Daisy Ackrell and Ethan Jamieson, with both judoka’s trying to get the better of each other in a hip battle. They both did incredibly to avoid been throwing for ippon as each attack was strong.

During day two, we were lucky to have Sensei Warren down to come and visit. The children were looking at ne waza holds and turnovers in session one and then looked at ashi waza and counters in session two. During the matches, it was brilliant to see Marcel Dezon perform a fantastic o soto gaeshi, something we had practised during the day.

On day three the children looked at combining techniques and looked at more ne waza turnovers and tricks. During the matches we were able to see Oliver Li turning in for tai otoshi, his opponent stepping round and then Oliver turning in for a huge ippon seoi nage, the throw of the week so far!


The last day of the course, the children looked at more ways in how to combine techniques and how to be quick to transition into ne waza. Again, these skills were taken into the matches with Isabella Woods showing her speed in catching her opponent with de ashi barai and then going into mune gatame. Oliver Li topped his throw for day three with an even bigger morote seoi nage.


At the end of each day some judokas were awarded a club badge for being judoka of the day, the winners were:


Day 1: Nicholas Jones (Polehampton Infants) and Freddie Horwood (St Nicholas junior school)


Day 2: Corrin McAuslin (Woodcote primary) and Freya Bunce (Rivermead primary)


Day 3: Johnny Cu (Rivermead primary), Annabel Jones (Polehampton Juniors), and Marcel Dezon (Birch Copse)


On the final day, the sensei’s give out an award for their judoka of the week, the winners were:


Tilly Westcar (Whitchurch primary), Annabel Jones (Polehampton Juniors), Daisy Ackrell (St Peter’s primary), Isabella Woods (Polehampton Juniors), and Aodhan Henry- Daire (Birch Copse).

The last award was for the judoka who had shown that they had followed the judo moral code and had acted in this way throughout the week. The winner was Oliver Li (Birch Copse)











Easter Training Day and Competition:


On the 18th March Iinkai held its annual Easter training day and competition at the Abbey senior school. Waking up on a spring day, the last thing I am sure anyone predicted to see was everywhere covered in Snow!! This however, didn’t stop us and we managed to get to the Abbey, set up and get ready for the children who were no snowed in to arrive.


The day was split into two parts, the morning was two training sessions, and the afternoon was the competition and display for the parents.

In the first training session, the children looked at ne waza techniques. They looked at turnovers and ways to get their opponents in to hold downs. In the second session, we were lucky to have Sensei Warren back, making a guest appearance. He took the children through combinations, trying to get everyone to look at a second attack if there first didn’t work. He also showed a couple counters, to popular techniques which tended to be used in the matches.


After lunch the children, had a quick warm up and then we were into the competition. Before starting, there was a quick recap of the rules for all the competitors and parents, and then we were ready to go!


There were 8 groups, making sure that everyone had a minimum of two matches. During the matches there were some lovely big ippons, coming from William Luff (Birch Copse), Max Green (St Peter’s Marlow), Daisy Ackrell (St Peter’s Marlow), and Isabella Woods (Polehampton Juniors). Once all the group stages were completed, it was time for the Finals. All the finalist got to walk onto the mat with music being played. The finals were very closely fought, which produced a great atmosphere.



Group 1: GOLD – Micheal Press (Radstock Primary), SILVER – Max Green (St Peter’s Marlow), BRONZES – Nicolas Jones (Polehampton Infants) and Ethan Warner (Mortimer St John’s infants)


Group 2: GOLD – Freya Bunce (Rivermead primary), SILVER – Julia Slowinski (Battle Academy)


Group 3: GOLD – Noah Hall (Woodcote primary), SILVER – Peter Harley (Woodcote primary), BRONZE – Johnny Cu (Rivermead primany)


Group 4: GOLD – Daisy Ackell (St Peter’s Marlow), SILVER – Daisy Holloway (St Peter’s Marlow), BRONZE – Daniel Edmunds (Radstock primary)


Group 5: GOLD – William Luff (Birch Copse primary), SILVER- Isabella Woods (Polehampton Junior), BRONZES – Ethan Jamieson and Oliver Li (both Birch Copse primary)


Group 6: GOLD – Joshua Warner (Mortimer St Marys juniors), SILVER – Daniel Press (Radstock primary), BRONZES – Aiden Young (St Peter’s Marlow) and Matthew Burden (Robert Piggot juniors)


Group 7: GOLD – Drew Doolan (Foxes Piece primary), SILVER – Samuel Redman (Theale village hall),

BRONZE – Sam Patey (Rivermead primary)


Group 8: GOLD – Guy Ferber (Polehampton Juniors), SILVER – Ben Thatcher (Theale Village hall), BRONZE – Cai Davies (Streatley)


At the end of the day each of the sensei’s gave an award to the judoka who had impressed them the most, in line with the judo moral code. It is always a very tough award to give out as there are always some many options, the winners are below:


Guy Ferber (Polehampton Juniors)

Freya Bunce (Rivermead primary)

Aiden Young (St Peter’s Marlow)

Matthew Burden (Robert Piggot Juniors)


Chirstmas Training Day and Competition Report 2017


On the 26th November, we held our annual Christmas training day and competition at the Abbey senior school. We had over 40 participants from all different schools in our network.


The day was spilt into two main parts. The morning was a training session, looking at techniques and more advanced skills, and the afternoon was the competition part, were all the parents were invited to come and watch.


In the morning session, we were very lucky to have sensei Warren back to help with the coaching. The group was split into two. One half concentrated on ashi waza whilst the other looked at inter linking tai otoshi and ippon seoi nage, before the groups switched over.

The second part of the training session was focused on ne waza, looking turnovers and how to escape holds. Our hope was for these to be used in the matches in the afternoon.


Both the competition, the children warmed up with by doing their throws, following up the throws with a quick transition into ne waza. The rules were then explained to all the spectators and competitors. Then the competition started. There were lots of good attacking matches with some lovely throws.


Once all the pool stages were completed, we had the finals. They were all very competitive and fiercely contested.


Here medalist from each of the groups. The medals were presented by sensei Iulia:


Group 1: Gold – Hattie Mason (St Johns the Evangelist), Silver – Maise Richards (St Johns the Evangelist), Bronze – Olivia Keates (Theale)


Group 2: Gold – Will Foster (Streatley), Silver – Milo Knox (Sonning Common), Bronze – Archie McClelland (Streatley)


Group 3: Gold – Julia Slowinska (Battle), Silver Mia Tilsley (Pangbourne), Bronze – Keira Tilsley (Pangbourne)


Group 4: Gold – Joe Richards (St Nic’s Junior), Silver – Peter Harley (Woodcote), Bronze – Noah Hall (Woodcote)


Group 5: Gold – Daisy Ackrell (St Peters Marlow), Silver – Reece Tilsley (Pangbourne), Bronze – Corrin McAuslin (Woodcote)


Group 6: Gold – Ethan Jamieson (Birch Copse), Silver – Rujul Nayak (St Edwards Prep), Bronze – Marcel Dezon (Birch Copse)


Group 7: Gold – Isabella Woods (Polehampton Juniors), Silver – Oliver Li (Birch Copse), Bronze – Davi Da Silva (Micklands)


Group 8: Gold – Fabian Hancox (Holybrook), Silver – Elliot Lawrence (Crowmarsh Gifford), Bronze – Drew Doolan (Foxes Piece)


Group 9: Gold – Cai Davies (Streatley), Silver – Sam Redman (Theale 2), Bronze – Kieran King (Knowl Hill)


Group 10: Gold – Archie Norton (Woodcote), Silver – Guy Ferber (Piolehampton Juniors), Bronze – Tommy Temple (Woodcote)


After the medal presentation, each of the sensei gave a prize out to their judoka of the day, always a very tough choice, the winners were:


Joshua Willmont (Long Lane)

Cai Davies (Streatley)

Isabella Woods (Polehampton Juniors)

Matthew Burden (Robert Piggott)

Daisy Ackrell (St Peter’s Marlow)

















Latest News

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Summer Training Day and Competition:


Our annual summer training day was held on the 24th June at the Abbey Senior School. We had lots of excited children arriving at the doors from 0945 for a 1000 start. We were very lucky to have Sensei Warren attend and coach a session.

The day was split into four parts. In the morning, the mat was spilt into two and we had coaching sessions, where the children looked at ne waza turnovers, ashi guruma, harai goshi, and hiza guruma. Each technique was broken down and the children were taught from the knees up.

Once lunch was over the children were back on the mat getting warmed up and ready for the competition, the parents were also invited to watch. The competition was split into 8 groups of equal ability. Each match was very well contested with the children really trying to throw each other. There were some lovely ippon throws by Maise Richards (St John the Evangelist), Joshua Tucker (Courthouse), Annabel Jones (Polehampton Juniors), Daisy Ackrell (st Peters) and Archie Norton (Woodcote). There were some very close and tactical battles, Ethan Jamieson (Birch Copses) and Tristan Baudoin (St Nic’s) was a very close match, both showing great heart. A tactical left verse right match came with Tommy Temple (Woodcote) and Drew Doolan (Foxes Piece)

The finals were next, each finalist getting to walk out to music, making a great atmosphere. Again, the children performed brilliantly, with lots of close matches. A great piece of transition work allowed Ethan Jamieson to pin Marcel Dezon (Birch Copse) down. A similar transition also helped Corrin McAuslin (Woodcote) pin Joshua Tucker (Courthouse) down.

After the competition, the children had time to demonstration their favourite throws to the audience before the medals were handed out.

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