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The venue for the Judo in 2020 Olympics is the Nippon Budokan. It originally built for the 1964 games where judo made it first appearance the Olympics.

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Summer Course 2018




We held our annual summer course between 28th-31st August at The Abbey Senior School. Each day was split into 5 sections, two judo sessions in the morning, games and team challenges after lunch, matches and then a recap session which parents were able to come in a watch.


With around 20 lively judokas for the week, all eager and ready to get going, we kicked of Tuesday with te waza session, looking at different ways and grips for tai otoshi. This was followed by a ne waza session, looking at ways in which you could escape being held. Everyone soon the learn the art of “shimping” and this became everyone’s new favourite movement. In the matches, we saw lots of quick transitions and then lots of judokas trying to shrimp out of the hold. The throw of the day belonged to Oliver Li, who caught Corrin McAuslin with a beautiful morote seoi nage.


On the Wednesday we started with an ashi waza session, looking at o uchi gari and ko uchi gari and trying to put them together. We also used the two techniques as a set up to harai goshi. On the Thursday, the kids had a go at trying to teach techniques to each other, this allowed to this if the they could remember the key points of o Soto gari, o uchi gari, and de ashi barai. It was great to see everyone working so well and helping everyone with each of the techniques. In the matches selection it was get to see more ashi waza being used. On the Friday, the children had a grading session and as looked at combinations in tachi waza.


At the end of each day the sensei’s gave out a club badge to the to the judoka of the day:


Christopher Ford (Long Sutton)


Daniel Edmunds (Radstock)


Corrin McAuslin (Woodcote)


Jai Sharma (Micklands)




At the end of week the coaches picked their judoka of the week, the winners were:


Oliver Li (Birch Copse)


Jai Sharma (Micklands)


Harsheel Desai (Rivermead)




The final prize was for the judoka who excelled in following the judo moral code: Will Luff (Birch Copse)



Christmas Training and Competition Day 2018


We held our annual Christmas training and competition day on Sunday 25th November at The Abbey Senior School. We had 7 coaches helping throughout the day. Sensei Dave Edmonds, Sensei Tom Heynes, Sensei Toufique, Sensei Warren, Sensei Owen Livesey and our two guest coaches Sensei Amy and Bekky Livesey (Both current GB Squad members and International medallists on the World Judo Tour Circuit).

The day was split into 3 sections. 2 training sessions in the morning led by Owen, Amy and Bekky Livesey where we looked at a few different techniques both tachi waza (standing) and ne waza (groundwork) and finished with randori, giving the children the opportunity to fight/practice against children from other schools and played some games which everybody seemed to enjoy!

From 1:15pm the competition took place. 36 Children where split into 10 small groups. The groups were of a similar size and standard to keep it fair. There was some great judo on display and lots of ippons which was good to see. It was also great to see so many parents coming along to watch and get involved with the competition day, creating a great atmosphere throughout!

At the end of the day, all the medals where presented by Owen, Amy and Bekky Livesey and every coach also gave out awards for their ‘Players of the Day’


Pool 1                                                                                                       Pool 2

Gold – Harry Ackrell (Knowl Hill)                                                         Gold – Hattie Mason (St Johns)                                                

Silver – Robyn Gethin (St Martins)                                                      Silver – Alyona Saha (Caversham)

Bronze – Isabella Holloway (Knowl Hill)                                             Bronze – Maise Richards (St Johns)

                                                                                                                  Bronze – Alaya King (Caversham)


Pool 3                                                                                                       Pool 4

Gold – Megan Jefferies (Shinfield)                                                   Gold – Aubrey Blackman (Foxes Peace)

Silver – Will Foster (Streatley)                                                          Silver – Alex Wood (St Nick’s)

Bronze – James Gethin (St Martins)                                          Bronze – Christopher Broadfoot (St Nick’s)

Bronze – Jai Sharma (Micklands)                                                    Bronze – Freddie Abdey (Caversham)


Pool 5                                                                                                      Pool 6

Gold – Joe Richards (St Nick’s)                                                          Gold – Daisy Holloway (Knowl Hill)

Silver – Alex Woodhead (Courthouse)                                            Silver – Eadie Gethin (St Martins)

Bronze – Alex Stewardson (Willowbank)                                   Bronze – Kiarrah De Bruyne (Courthouse)


Pool 7                                                                                                     Pool 8

Gold – Daisy Ackrell (Knowl Hill)                                                       Gold – Logan Alexander (St Martins)

Silver – Lejla Nuhl (Shinfield)                                                             Silver – Shreyas Midya (Radstock)

Bronze – Sara Tabet (The Abbey Jnr)                                              Bronze – Maxwell Redman (Woodcote)

                                                                                                               Bronze – Jean Luc Stoop (St Martins)


Pool 9                                                                                                     Pool 10

Gold – Ethan Jamieson (Birch Copse)                                              Gold – Guy Ferber (Knowl Hill)

Silver – Corrin Mcauslin (Woodcote)                                               Silver – Sam Redman (Theale 2)

Bronze – Marcel Dezon (Birch Copse)                                             Bronze – Lewis Cook (Courthouse)

                                                                                                              Bronze – Oliver Li (Birch Copse)


Player of the Day Awards

Jai Sharma (Micklands)

Alaya King (Caversham)

Shreyas Midya (Radstock)

Robyn Gethin (St Martins)

Isabella Holloway (Knowl Hill)

Half Term Training Camp

Our half term training camp ran from the Monday 22nd October till Wednesday 24th. It was a first for us to run a camp in the half term as it was using the 2nd Woodley Scout Hall which proved to be a great venue and helped the camp run smoothly. We had great numbers on the camp and we started at 10:00am each day. The days were split into four parts starting with a tachi waza (standing) technical session led by our new Sensei, Owen Livesey, followed by a ne waza session (groundwork) led by sensei Tom and Sensei Blair. In the afternoon we did some outdoor activities including some fitness training which the children seemed to enjoy before doing some randori (Free Practice) and a technical recap in the afternoon.

Techniques we looked at over this camp included Tai otoshi, ippon seoi nage and ouchi gari. By the end of the camp it was satisfying to see the children able to perform all three of these techniques in a sequence and attempting these techniques in their randori!

For our fitness training we ran through a few different obstacle courses where the kids attempted different stations testing their strength, balance, coordination and stamina but still kept that fun element!

Special mentions go out to Daniel Price (Holybrook), Barnaby Scholes (Oratory), Charlotte Binns (Pangbourne), Jai Sharma (Micklands), Lejla Nuhl (Shinfield St Mary’s), Rupert Mullenger (Pangbourne), Ollie Newman (Pangbourne), Ethan Jamieson (Birch Copse), Isaac Haruna-Conlan (Courthouse) for winning the Judoka’s of the day award over the three days and a big well done to our Judoka of the week Ethan Jamieson of Birch Copse Primary School.

Highlights of the camp included a great battle between Ethan Jamieson and Corrin McAuslin during their randori which was fought at a ridiculous pace! Guy Ferber giving Sensei Blair a scare in their randori and Jonah Strange flying across them monkey bars! Shout out to Jai Sharmer who repeatedly enjoyed going down the slide in his own ‘bobsleigh’ fashion and Theo Ross who continually went after the bigger children in his practices.