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The venue for the Judo in 2020 Olympics is the Nippon Budokan. It originally built for the 1964 games where judo made it first appearance the Olympics.

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Latest News

Christmas Training and Competition Day 2018


We held our annual Christmas training and competition day on Sunday 25th November at The Abbey Senior School. We had 7 coaches helping throughout the day. Sensei Dave Edmonds, Sensei Tom Heynes, Sensei Toufique, Sensei Warren, Sensei Owen Livesey and our two guest coaches Sensei Amy and Bekky Livesey (Both current GB Squad members and International medallists on the World Judo Tour Circuit).

The day was split into 3 sections. 2 training sessions in the morning led by Owen, Amy and Bekky Livesey where we looked at a few different techniques both tachi waza (standing) and ne waza (groundwork) and finished with randori, giving the children the opportunity to fight/practice against children from other schools and played some games which everybody seemed to enjoy!

From 1:15pm the competition took place. 36 Children where split into 10 small groups. The groups were of a similar size and standard to keep it fair. There was some great judo on display and lots of ippons which was good to see. It was also great to see so many parents coming along to watch and get involved with the competition day, creating a great atmosphere throughout!

At the end of the day, all the medals where presented by Owen, Amy and Bekky Livesey and every coach also gave out awards for their ‘Players of the Day’


Player of the Day Awards

Jai Sharma (Micklands)

Alaya King (Caversham)

Shreyas Midya (Radstock)

Robyn Gethin (St Martins)

Isabella Holloway (Knowl Hill)


Easter Training Day and Easter Course 2019

We held our annual Easter training day and competition at the Abbey senior school on the 24th March. With just over 30 children in attendance, and we were lucky to have Sensei Warren back to help.

We were very lucky to have two time Olympian and current Commonwealth Champion Ashley McKenzie in to run a masterclass for the morning session. The children had a great time looking at a turnover in ne waza, how he uses his tai otoshi in matches, and everyone got the opportunity to have a randori (free practise) with Ashley. At the end of the session Ashley awarded two judo kits to William Mason (St Nicolas juniors) and to Megan Jefferies (Shinfield St Marys Juniors) for their hard work and teamwork. The second part of the morning session was all about judo-based games, working on movement, balance, balance breaking exercises, and hand eye coordination.  

During the afternoon, we had our competition, the children were split into 7 groups of equal size and ability. The children were given a quick warm up and then the rules were stated. The were some fantastic matches, very a close match between Tristan Baudoin (St Nicolas) and Ethan Jamieson (Birch Copse) where both boys gave everything. There were some lovely ippon throws from Isabella Woods (Polehampton juniors), Isla Hallett (Sonning Common), Christopher Broadfoot (St Nicolas juniors), Hattie Mason (St John’s the Evangelist), and Eryk Kedzia (Christ the King).

The finals where all closely contested, everyone had moments and opportunities to get the winning score. Megan Jefferies (Shinfield St Marys juniors) and Hattie Mason (St John’s the Evangelist) had a great battle, with both girls really going for it. It was a very close affair with Megan coming out on top.

The final part of the day was the awards for the Sensei’s to give out the prizes to their judoka’s of the day, the winnings were:

Isla Hallett (Sonning Common)

Eryk Kedzia (Christ the King)

Isaac Ryder (Caversham)

Hattie Mason (St Johns the Evangelist)

JUDO TD 2019

Easter Course

Our annual Easter Course was held at the Abbey Senior School between the 15th-18th April. We had an average of 20 children on the mat each day.

The lay out of each day was two sessions of judo in the morning, a games/ team challenge after lunch, randori (free practise)/ matches, before a recap session at the end where parents were able to come along and see what was learnt in the day.

In the judo sessions, the children looked at Koshi Waza (hip throws), Ashi Waza (leg techniques), Te Waza (hand throws), and ne waza (ground techniques). There was some new in every session for the children to learn, such balancing and hopping in ashi waza, hip fighting in koshi waza, and turnovers in ne waza. The children also looked at combinations, how to set up for a technique if the first attack is blocked or countered.

It was great to see some of the techniques used in the randori/ matches session, Drew Doolan used a hopping o soto gake a number of times to break his parents balance, Madison Elton and Oliver Newman had a great battle with the hips with Madison coming out on top, Freddie Horwood used o uchi gari to set up for tai otoshi which worked really well for him. There were also some very closes matches with both judoka’s going all out attack and some how neither got thrown (Ethan Jamieson and Dainel Price).

The games/ team challenges were looking at the fundamental skills such as balance, hand eye coordination, foot eye coordination, strength. We also a Sensei Blair verse Sensei Toufik, which everyone got involved in supporting the sensei’s in their challengers, with Sensei Toufik coming out on top.

Each day there was a prize for judoka of the day, the winners were:

Oliver Newman (Pangbourne Primary)

Harry Ackrell (Knowl Hill Club)

Corrin McAuslin (Theale Village Hall Club)

There was also a prizes for Judoka’s of the week, the winners were:

Daniel Price (Holy Brook)

Daisy Ackrell (Knowl Hill Club)

Kara Storey Hind (Hemdean House)

The final prize was the Jigaro Kano moral code award for the judoka who followed all the codes (honesty, honour, friendship, courage, courtesy, modesty, respect, and self control). The winner of this award was:

Charlie Bannister (Willowbank juniors)