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Iinkai October half term Course

Mon 22      10:30-3:30

Tue 23

Wed 24


The venue for the Judo in 2020 Olympics is the Nippon Budokan. It originally built for the 1964 games where judo made it first appearance the Olympics.

Iinkai ChristmasTraining Day & Competition

   Sunday 25th Nov



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Judo Fun Fact:

300px-Judo_pictogram.svg kanji_judo_by_kungfufrogmma-d7zaxwb 20170411_141335 1200px-Nippon_Budokan_2010 Iinkai christmas Full GIF National Schools Kata 2013 Iinkai Easter Course 2016 Iinkai Christmas Competition 2015 Iinkai Summer Competition 2016 Iinkai_Main_Large_BlackText2 Archived Pictures Iinkai Summer Course 2016 Neil Adams Seminar Iinkai Summer Course 2015 Iinkai Easter Competition 2016 Holy Brook School Bushidos 2016 Iinkai Christmas Competition 2016 Team Pictures Iinkai Easter Competition 2017 Iinkai Easter Course 2017 Iinkai Summer Competition 2017